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Bookkeeping Consultation

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services to guarantee your business operates at its maximum potential.

  • Services include :

  • Comprehensive Consultation

  • Accounting Software Subscription

  • Financial Reporting

Payroll Consultation

We can help you pay your employees quickly and easily with our Payroll Services. Our plans are designed to swiftly create paychecks and calculate payroll taxes.

  • Services include :

  • Provide electronic payroll records to employees & employers

  • Ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws governing payroll.

  • Monitor the relationship between Worker's Comp premium and actual payroll.

Business Tax

No matter what the size of your business, we at Royalty Accounting Firm have the skills to prepare your taxes in compliance with all Federal and State tax laws. We offer prompt, efficient preparation of all types of returns including corporate tax filings, multi-state taxes,

  • Services include :

  • We prepare tax returns for all types of businesses including sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. 

  • We possess the skills and training to prepare Form 990 tax returns for non-profit organizations like churches, charities and trade associations. 

  • We keep up with changes in the tax laws and are always looking for new ways to help our clients keep more money in their hands, instead of sending it to the IRS.

Individual Tax Preparation

Royalty Accounting Firm has a team of Certified Tax Professionals experienced to understand the complexities of tax laws and are familiar with the full range of actions you can take to minimize your tax liability. Through consistently monitoring tax law changes, working on a variety of tax situations, and years of experience of helping clients like you, our team can help proactively plan for your future.

  • Services include :

  • State Return Preparation – We can file state returns for all 50 states.

  • Tax credit reviews to determine maximum allowable credits 

  • Tax Resolution

Business Structure

Royalty Accounting is here to help your business succeed by offering services that help you identify areas that may be negatively affecting your growth and profitability and to strategize effective solutions.

  • Services include :

  • We can help you with entity choice (C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company) which will have significant tax and equity/ownership consequences impacting the company and its owners over the life of the business. 

  • We can handle all paperwork and filing of new corporations, LLC's, S-Corporations, Partnerships and more

  • Initial consultation regarding new businesses

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